We serve the Military, Veterans + First Responders

Mindfulness, Yoga + Meditation Service Providers

You’ve heard meditation is good for you; but the ‘woo-woo’ turns you off?
Hear us out.

Welcome to Blind Tiger Yoga (BTY); the BTY team is passionate about providing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to all members of the military, veterans, first responders; their families too! Established in Melbourne, Australia.

We’re a small team, with a big dream – to provide our community with an opportunity to switch off; to move, breathe and focus on the here and now – we offer a functional, not fancy approach to yoga!

"Mobility adaptation is a big focus for us at BTY; the practices are adaptable to every body type and condition..."

What’s it all about?

Curious and have a few minutes to spare? Let this short video do the talking; or explore this site a little further…


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Blind Tiger Yoga is proud to be a registered Australian Veteran Owned Business