We are no longer in operation, having rolled up our mats in August 2021, the time came for us to move onto the next chapter.

This page will remain temporarily active to acknowledge the Veterans, First Responders, Emergency Service personnel, and their families that we had the privilege of teaching over our five years of operation. Scroll down to read more...

Our why, a note from BTY Founder Tristan Rose.

“Our practice was born out of the need for adaptation…

To achieve a different result, you need a different approach.

Searching for alternatives to compliment training/recovery for physical restrictions and limitations, stress management, and peak performance, our approach needed to change, along with the way in which we did it.

We understand the VES community, because we come from it. We understand the target audience, and the process, as we have and do live it.

With direct respect and knowledge of the jobs, we are fully aware of the need of performance, but also the ability to decompress from their roles.

Educating members on how to not only add more tools, but facilitating a practice that they can experience the direct impact and benefits from doing so.

Conventional yoga and meditation, has its place, so does our approach. We empower the member with our approach, not foster a victim mindset.

– Tristan Rose


What’s it all about?

Real students, real experiences.


We had the honor of teaching to members across a niche demographic. One that we know intimately, as we come from it. Facilitating to members of the Australian Defence Force, Special Operations, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Services, High performance athletes, Veterans Hospitals, throughout Australia and various coalition countries, are a brief snapshot

We weren’t a charity, but we certainly didn’t do it for financial profit. It was executed with a pure and selfless intention.

Our intention was to connect people with their bodies and minds. To give themselves real-time feedback as to how they were operating, adapt if needed, but most importantly encouraging introspection.

We cut through the teachings of; yoga, meditation, movement, myofascial release work, and somatic movement; without the conventional, dogmatic approach to these practices found in studios.

With teaching to 11,573 members and an 82% return rate, this achievement I will reflect on, and be proud of for a long time to come. Most of these members would never step into a traditional studio and nine out of ten were men. This is something unheard of in today’s yoga industry, in particular the Western world. We are glad they were open to a complimentary modality of health management for their physical and mental wellbeing, and hope they continue to look for other modalities to enhance their lives.

We achieved the following objectives:

  • Educate members on the appropriate application of the practice to suit the individual;
  • Provided useful tools that all members can benefit from, regardless of mobility, restrictions and limitations;
  • Set the framework to build upon an individual’s Mindset, personal Growth and overall Wellbeing;
  • Encouraged the student to become ones own teacher; and
  • The first and only Australian Veteran Owned and Operated Business to effectively share our unique delivery to our community.

From Keely Thomson, Ross Walker and myself, thank you.



– Tristan Rose


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Blind Tiger Yoga is proud to be a registered Australian Veteran Owned Business