Blind Tiger Yoga operates on different prices according to location. For commercial events or classes, privates or public speaking please contact BTY via email for more information.

For all classes listed as ‘Public’, prices are according to each individual studio and location. Please visit their websites for further information.

Our aim is to make Yoga available to everyone, regardless of financial situation; so most of our locations for BTY are sponsored from organizations to make the practice accessible to our members, which long story short, makes our classes free.

Blind Tiger Yoga is just like any other business. We still have to pay bills, tax, our teachers and for further education and training. However, we also believe that Yoga is about community and we are trying to grow this community. We try to keep our pricing for organizations that wish to sponsor classes for members of our community, as low as possible.

Please help ensure that we will be around for the long run by paying according to your potential.

Offering the healing arts, to members who want to help themselves.