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New Students

The following are some points for new students:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class commencement, to register, introduce yourself and get comfortable in the studio;
  • A waiver must be filled out prior to class;
  • Please take your watch off before class begins and turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices;
  • No photos are to be taken during class, or of any student without their approval;
  • Remember if you’re on time, you’re late.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is included in the VES community?

The following are some that make up of our emergency services. Police, Fire & Ambulance, CFA, SES, ESTA, Nurses, Doctors, support staff of the VES community, are members that are welcome to come. We also welcome Doctors and Nurses and any member that works in mental health or support roles.

I’m not flexible, can I still attend?

We don’t care what you can or can’t do. We care about what you feel during the pose and after the practice. You don’t need a huge range of motion or flexibility to practice. Just take note of what you can do, this will change in time.

I’m no longer serving, can I still attend?

Of course, all members from the services are welcome. Current serving, veterans and retired members are welcome.

I have several injuries, is this practice safe?

Regardless of your injuries or limitations the practice can be tailored to each and every individual student. You move to your own degree in each pose, so you can adapt accordingly. If you have any concerns, please consult your treating specialist or send us an email to discuss further.

I’ve never done Yoga before, what do I need to know before I come?

We believe that people have the wrong idea of what yoga is. You don’t need to be in peak physical condition or have an impressive range of motion and flexibility to practice. All you need is to be open to a new concept and the willingness to try it. The results will speak for themselves.

How often should I practice?

It all depends on your individual goals and needs. If you can practice two to three times per week you can potentially see some phenomenal results in a short space of time.

What do I wear?

You can wear anything you like. As it is a cooling practice, comfortable clothes and extra layers are recommended.

I am a coalition soldier can I still attend?

All coalition members are welcome to attend any classes.

If I have any questions about anything we are doing, when can I ask?

At any point you can ask questions, whether it is before class or after, or during a pose. We ask that if you need to ask a question during class, you raise your hand and the teacher will come to you. We ask this so we don’t disturb other members when they are trying to find stillness.

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